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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Bay Area


Pariclin wants to be your vendor of choice for commercial cleaning janitorial services. We are reasonable, reliable, responsive and ready to serve you.


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We have been doing commercial cleaning in the Bay Area since 2009, and the overwhelming majority of our clients renew with us year after year.



Our clients run the gamut. We serve retail locations, restaurants, corporate offices and academic institutions. No facility is too large or too small for Pariclin. We are available to do commercial cleaning in your facility daily, weekly or just periodically when it comes to services like carpet cleaning and floor maintenance.



We are flexible and we guarantee your satisfaction. If you would like to speak to existing clients to hear for yourself about our top-notch service then please contact us and let us know that you would like some referrals.



It all begins with a free on-site visit and discussion of your specific needs. Please call us at (888) 732-6640 or email us today to arrange a visit to your facility so we can provide a free estimate for commercial cleaning.



Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning Bay AreaPariclin is a San Francisco Bay Area commercial carpet cleaning expert. We’ve been doing commercial carpet cleaning for years and know exactly how to do the job professionally and efficiently at a price you can appreciate. We know that most business owners want to get the longest life possible out of their commercial carpets.



This is why we recommend commercial carpet cleaning at regular intervals to keep corrosive dirt from getting deep into the fibers where they can damage the longevity of the carpet. If it’s been some time since you’ve had your commercial carpets cleaned, don’t wait until it’s too late and you need to replace them.



When you hire Pariclin, we will move light furniture as needed to clean your commercial carpets entirely.



We have a process that will not only get your commercial carpets as clean as possible, but will also have them dry in time for your next day of operation. As with all of our services we guarantee your satisfaction.



Commercial carpet cleaning needs to be estimated on-site. To have one of our professionals visit your facility to provide a free estimate, contact us now.




Floor Maintenance


Janitorial Services Bay Area

Would you like to experience the benefits of having gleaming, slip resistant and hygienic floor surfaces? Pariclin is dedicated to providing you with a professional and environmentally friendly array of floor services such as machine washing, stripping, waxing and sealing.



Dirt and grit can damage your floors permanently and cause unsightly and unsafe scratches. High traffic areas are prone to dirt and grit and can give a once beautiful floor a less than professional look.



Experts advise that regular floor cleaning and preventive maintenance will keep your floor surfaces looking their best and lasting longer, which will save you money in the long run. Pariclin janitorial service maintains the floors of gorgeous office building lobbies, busy apartment building hallways, high-traffic school cafeterias and all kinds of other businesses large and small.



Let us do the same for you. Our superior cleaning methods, floor care techniques and commercial janitorial floor waxes and supplies will meet or exceed your high standards of cleanliness and appearance.



Our Method:
  • Strip and remove all dirt and old wax
  • Machine scrub
  • Neutralize floors
  • Apply three coats of of high-gloss finisher, which creates a very nice sheen and will help to prevent future stains.
  • We also remove and replace all movable light furniture.
  • We do floor buffing one month after initial cleaning for a lasting shine when requested.
The surfaces we clean expertly:
  • BCT
  • Concrete
  • Hardwood
  • Laminates
  • Marble or Natural Stone
  • Tile
You will be amazed to see the immediate results! Give us a call at (888) 732-6640 or email us today to have us come in and visit your home to provide a free estimate to provide you with excellent floor maintenance services.



Grout Cleaning


We also specialize in cleaning grout. We use a high-pressure turbo master apparatus, which is a focused process. You won’t see us splashing water all over the place when we clean your grout or having to scrub with a handheld tool. It’s faster and cleaner than the method many other companies use.



You’ll see the grout restored to its original look and that combined with our excellent floor cleaning will really create a nice look. As with our other commercial services, it’s important that we have a look first before giving an estimate. So, please call us today to schedule a free visit to your facility.



Did you know we also offer home cleaning services? Let us know if you would like an estimate for cleaning your home on a regular basis. All commercial clients are eligible for a discount on home cleaning services.