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Pariclin Commercial Cleaning Company
Concrete and Natural Stone Floor Services


Do you have a Concrete, Marble, Terazzo, or Granite floor that needs some help?


We provide cleaning and restoration services for any of these surfaces. Whether you have a small or large facility, as long as you are in our service area of San Francisco – San Jose and the East Bay cities of Newark, Fremont, Union City or Milpitas, we can do the job.


If you have marble, terrazzo, or granite, we will use compound polish after cleaning to restore the original, elegant look you desire.


For concrete surfaces which have become rough or irregular, diamond grinding services are available.


Isn’t it time you took care of your natural stone and concrete floors to restore them to their original look and condition? It will do wonders for the way you feel when you enter the room and for others that live or work in that space.


Our dedicated staff has been through specialized training to offer these services to you with confidence and experience to do the job right the first time.


Please contact us by phone at (888) 732-6640 or through our Contact Form to arrange for an estimate.


Why work with one vendor to do janitorial services, then another vendor for carpet cleaning, then even another vendor for cleaning and compound polishing when you can work with us to manage all three aspects of your needs?


This is a key reason why our business retains clients and our service area is expanding because our licensed, bonded and insured staff are very versatile to offer you a full range of cleaning and maintenance services for your workplace facility or residence.


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